Mercedes Repair in Kingston, Plymouth and Duxbury, Massachusetts

Authorities in Mercedes-Benz Service – South Shore Autoworks

Mercedes A/B Service is crucial to extending your vehicle’s life and ensuring peak performance. There’s only one European auto repair shop in Kingston, MA, that Mercedes owners trust with their vehicles, South Shore Autoworks. Our ASE-Certified technicians dedicate time to helping you steer clear of Mercedes repair with factory-scheduled maintenance. At 10,000 miles or one year—Mercedes Service A Like a dealer, we change the engine oil and oil filter, check fluid levels and tire pressure, inspect the brake pads and rotors, and reset the service light. At 20,000 miles or one year after Service A—Service B This Service includes the elements of Service A. Also, it includes replacing the engine air filter and cabin microfilter and performing brake fluid service. Mercedes’ Flexible Service System (FSS) will alert you when it’s time for any of the services A-H. Don’t delay Service when you see the maintenance service indicator light up. Avoiding maintenance will lead to additional wear and tear and, eventually, emergency Mercedes repair services.